How to paint the driveway with the driveway paint?

Painting the driveway is the easiest way to enhance the life and the value of the property. Since the driveway is exposed to the gasoline and harsh weather conditions, moisture, you need to pay attention to the concrete driveways. Your negligence can lead to stains and cracks all over the driveway. The painting project does require a little bit of elbow grease and some amount of time. You will end up adding a great curb appeal to the driveway. Driveway Paint is the most inexpensive and easiest way to enhance the looks of the driveway. If done properly, the driveway painting will dramatically transform the looks.

Removing the dirt and the debris from the driveways

You need to remove all the dirt and debris from the driveway surface. Use the leaf blower, connect the power washer to the hose and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Fill up the power washer with the degreasing agent. Hold the wand of the washer much away from the surface and move it in the back and forth motion.

Driveway Paint

Inspecting for cracks in the driveways

You need to inspect the driveway and find the cracks. Eliminate the concrete pieces and the dirt from the site. Use the hammer or the chisel to remove the larger blocks. Use a wire brush and brush the cracks to simply dislodge the loose concrete.

Using the concrete repair caulk

If the crack is ¼ inch wide, then use the concrete repair caulk to fill it up. Making use of the caulk gun to squeeze the caulk into the crack and smooth the surface with the knife. Blend it along the edges of the driveway. A second application may be needed since after drying, there may be further cracks.

When to use the pre-mixed mortar?

When you notice the cracks which are ½ inch wide, use the pre-mixed mortar. Pour the mixture till it is slightly overfull. Again, smooth out the mortar with the knife. Allow it to dry overnight. The next coating may also be needed.

Painting the driveways

You need to stir well the epoxy painting prior to using. Pour some portion of the paint in the tray. Use the 3/8 inches of nap roller and apply the paint. To get a uniform look, overlap the edges of the concrete section. Start from a particular end of the driveway and move into the opposite. Prior to applying a second coat, let the first coat dry out.

Taking care of the driveway

Once you have completed the painting task, you need to avoid walking upon the driveways. The heavy foot traffic may be allowed only after 70 hours. Do not drive on the driveways for at least 7 days.

If you think that the task of painting the driveway is too irksome, get in touch with the professionals. A lot many products and tools like the leaf blower, brush, caulk gun, hammer, chisel, power washer is needed. So, painting the driveway may become an expensive enterprise. Besides, the professionals can come along with the perfect driveway paint to do the job. Book a free consultation prior to taking up professional assistance.

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